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Don’t ask Ian Cunningham to sit still for eight hours in a cubicle. Instead, he’s more likely to walk on his hands, spin through the air like Icarus, or do a one-arm push up...using just his pinky finger.
But Ian wasn’t always a sheet of steel with burly swagger. He’s spent his life devoted to one type of training or another in his attempt to push the limits of human performance. Weight lifting, endurance, climbing, yoga: the list goes on and on.
So, it’s no wonder he’s discovered the performance benefit of the world’s most popular drug (specialty-grade coffee people...get your heads out of the gutter...)
As a movement coach based in San Diego, Ian helps others build a strong foundation of strength and mobility so we can all get back to the most important matters in life...like drinking coffee.
His goal is to help others find their own meaning of, and value to, the pursuit of fitness. And we’ll be there alongside him with a steady pot of our steamy brew.

Please join us and welcome Ian to the 7SRC team:
Instagram: @move_with_ian

Just coffee, we promise.