Shapeshifter. Master Locksmith. San Diego Yogi. Troy Munsey does not easily fit into a box even though he can bend like Street Fighter’s Dhalsim.

He can lift into a handstand as easy as everyone else stands on their feet, sit for days with Buddha-like focus, and can slice a lock of hair with the same precision of a latte-art champion.

What’s his secret for success? As he tells us, “I believe the only limitations that exist are the ones the mind creates, but is too dull to recognize as illusion.” (He also drinks his body weight in coffee. Just saying.)

Troy’s journey began when his yoga teacher suddenly passed away from a heart attack and he was asked to help lead a new school of yoga. He temporarily put aside his hair-cutting shears and helped build the Bheemashakti Yoga School, a yoga practice that uses intense breathing, repetitive movement, and mental focus to push the body and mind to Mt. Everest and back. He now leads yoga workshops around the world to teach the subtle art of living authentically. No wonder then why his favorite hashtag is #fucknormal.

His greatest victory in life is being able to do what he loves for a living and even though he has Bruce Lee strength and the six-pack abs to go with it, his wisdom goes beyond ripped muscles: “Your mind is a mirror. Yoga is Windex. There’s more to polishing the mirror than physical postures, but it’s a start.”

Ah, wise words Troy. Wise words, indeed.

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