Espresso Blend


Crafted with expertly-roasted coffees from Brazil, Guatemala, and Ethiopia, this espresso blend has sugary sweetness, a voluptuous body, and sweet sweet crema.

Not for the faint of heart, this coffee is guaranteed to wake you up and kickstart your heart. Kind of like Ami Houde, the professional fun haver, dirtbike ridin’, monster truck-drivin', adrenaline junkie this coffee is named after.

What does 5th gear tapped mean? As Ami puts it, “running full throttle wide awake ready to rock the day!”

Warning: This coffee is named after a trained professional who has been known to smash cars with a monster truck, ride a dirtbike at blistering speeds, and skateboard down an abandoned water slide. Go ahead, try all of this at home. Just wear a damn helmet.

"Caffeine and Gasoline" T-Shirt


Just coffee we promise