Guatemala Gold


Process: Washed
Flavor Profile: Cherry, Raspberry Preserve, Cinnamon
Roast Profile: Medium
Altitude: 1800 meters

Scones. Grandma’s scones to be exact. Broken open with a heaping spoonful of homemade jam.

(With scone stuffed in mouth)

You:  “Whoa grannie, what the hell… is this? This is AMAZING!”

Grandma: “Oh sweetie, that’s my cherry-raspberry homemade marmalade with a sprinkle of my secret ingredient, ceylon cinnamon. Now watch your language and stop talking with your mouth full.”

About the Village

Huehuetenango microlots are from Union Cantinil located in Northern Huehuetenango in Guatemala. Cantinil comes from the term Cantigil, meaning venomous snake, so beware, this one might bite!

Due to the fact that these coffees have unique profile characteristics, the name Global Guatemala Gold was created to differentiate the coffees from neighboring Huehue region coffees. These specific microlots were produced by many smallholders that have dedicated their entire lives to the production of coffee. Each of the indigenous families who can call themselves, Guatemala Gold, produce 3-5 sixty kilo bags each year.

The Top 2%

Community leader, Jorge De Leon, who we are in contact with, is very proud to say that he organized the farmers who make up this delicious 600 bag microlot! Out of 30,000 bags that were available, we’d say he did a pretty damn good job finding the Top 2%.

No B.S. or Scuttlebutt