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Siltepec, Mexico: El Jaguar


Process: Washed, Sun-Dried                                          
Flavor: Chocolate, Nutty, Citrus
Roast Profile: Medium-Dark
Altitude: 1250-1350 Meters

Siltepec is located in the Central part of Chiapas. This Specialty coffee comes from the high altitude area of the Sierra Madre, bordering The Biosphere Reserve El Triunfo, which is the habitat of an endemic bird "El Quetzal". This ecological paramo represents 30% of the flora of all Chiapas territory.

This environment holds the cloud forest and middle rain forest of Soconusco zone around the Novillero River. The weather, including lots of humidity, shade grown, and excellent soil conditions create the perfect environment for the development of this specialty coffee.


Just coffee, we promise.