Colombia: Hacienda el Jardin

specialty coffee mountain with arrow pointing half way up the mountain

ROAST: Light              ALTITUDE:1850 Meters 

Flavor Notes: Bubble Gum, Raspberry, Strawberry & Watermelon.
Process: Anaerobic Natural

Located just outside Chinchina, our Colombia Hacienda El Jardin microlot coffee comes from the gorgeous estate of father and son producers, Elmer and Juan Felipe Restrepo. This microlot coffee is handpicked and fermented for up to 48 hours before being laid in thin layers in solar dryers for roughly five days, and carefully raked for uniformity before being finished in a temperature controlled vertical mechanical dryer. In the cup our Hacienda El Jardin Microlot is exceptionally clean with an accented juicy, bright sweetness.

Hacienda El Jardin spans an impressive 271 acres across a set of hills and valleys ranging from ~5,000 to 6,000 feet in elevation. It employs 12 full time employees that handle upkeep as well as assist in the hand picking cherry harvest and coffee drying procedures. Thanks to the nearby Nevado del Ruiz Volcano, the region is composed of a mineral rich volcanic soil and a mix of igneous and metamorphic rocks from previous eruptions. Today there are several areas known for their hot springs, indicating a continuation of underground volcanic activity.

This natural anaerobic coffee, was processed in a 2 step fermentation protocol, which consist of developing a thermal shock between the first short fermentation followed by an
extended low temp fermentation, and dried mechanically

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