Papua New Guinea: Timuza Organic

Specialty Coffee beans lined up from light to dark roast also has arrow pointing on the lighter sidespecialty coffee mountain with arrow pointing half way up the mountain

ROAST: Medium              ALTITUDE:1400-1600 Meters 

Process: Washed, Dried on raised beds.

Flavor Notes: Butterscotch, Lime, Honey.


Timuza is produced by a group of certified farmers within the Timuza/Namura cooperative, with New Guinea Highlands Coffee Exports (NGHCE), in Papua New Guinea.

The group consists of 207 coffee families, who together farm 274 hectares. Coffee was established here in the 1930s, though commercial production dates to post World War II. The first plants were brought in by Lutheran missionaries, for their own consumption, and are said to be decedents of Blue Mountain plants.

NGHCE regularly works with these producers on improving plant husbandry and post-harvest processes for quality, as well as in financial planning and social programs. The co-op is also audited for its Organic certification each spring.

The coffee is hand picked, hand pulped, washed in clean river water, dried in the sun and delivered as parchment to the receiving station, where it’s machine hulled and polished.

Cupping notes: Fruit punch, kumquat, raspberry, savory; creamy body, juicy acidity.

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