Laos: Nong Hin Khao - Specialty Robusta

specialty coffee mountain with arrow pointing half way up the mountain

ROASTMedium              ALTITUDE:1210 Meters 

Flavor Notes: Black Licorice, Nut Medley, Milk Chocolate.

Process: Red Honey.

Veriety: Robusta Congensis

Over the past three years, fi-lan’thro-pe has been experimenting with the processing of old-lineage robusta coffees. After competing against over 50 of the world’s “best” robustas, Nong Hin Khao was the top coffee by a huge margin. The farmer, Mr. Nam has one of the most idyllic, 60-year old robusta-tree plantations in the Bolaven Plateau. Thanks to his great effort to revolutionize his production, here is sweet, incredibly heavy bodied coffee that is one of the most unique and enjoyable drinking experiences in the coffee world these days.

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