Baratza Encore

Strong. Powerful. Adjustable. Durable. Lasts a long time...


Trust us, we’ve blown money on cheap automatic grinders before. And then we found The Baratza Encore. It’s a freakin’ unicorn.

Achieve a variety of grind options from very fine to very coarse with 40 hopper settings. Newest gearbox increases strength and durability while keeping the noise down. A gear and electronic speed hybrid control the burr rotation at 450 RPM. While the powerful high torque DC drives the burr.

All settings are adjustable from the style of grind (250-1200 microns), the speed of the motor (405-495 RPM), calibration, to the thermal cut-off switch. And, it's designed to maximize freshness by limiting grinds left in the grinder.

  • 40mm conical burrs for optimal grind size
  • Grind ranges from 250 to 1200 microns
  • 2nd generation gearbox increases durability and decreases noise
  • High torque DC motor
  • Electronic speed controller adjusts from 405 RPM to 495 RPM

    No B.S. or Scuttlebutt