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Laos: Nong Kali (Limited Release)

Process: Washed
Flavor Profile:Dried MangoButter Cookie, Wild Almond
Roast Profile: Medium

Altitude: 1100 meters


This exceptionally rare micro lot is harvested with extreme detail and love from the village chiefs of Nong Kali, Soun-Ton and his wife Meg.

A village consisting of nine proud and hardworking Jing Jhai Coffee Cooperative member families that rests upon the Bolaven Plateau of beautiful southern Laos.  

Featuring an altitude of 1100 to 1350 meters and a cool climate, the plateau of Champasak Province is comprised of incredibly nutrient dense, fertile soil all thanks to a volcanic eruption in the region millions of years ago.  

While most of Lao coffee production involves the cheaper and easier to cultivate Robusta beans, less than a third are the sweeter, high-quality Arabica.  Even more unique, the only group of farmers working exclusively to establish organic-only coffee growing is the Jing Jhai Coffee Cooperative, representing just above 1% of all coffee produced in Laos.  

The specialty coffee industry offers a strong strategy for the economic development of Laos, translating into much-deserved higher income for the coffee farmers who continue to pour every ounce of energy and care into their cherished and beloved harvest for the world over to enjoy. 

Don't miss your chance to experience this tasty coffee! Only available while supplies last.


Just coffee, we promise.