Laos: Nong Kali Village


Process: Washed
Flavor Profile: Sweet, Juicy, Orange
Roast Profile: Light
Altitude: 1100 meters

Orange groves in Southern California are aplenty. And, although they are not usually what sets you off on vacation, sometimes making a wrong turn in Ojai and finding yourself smack dab inside of a grove isn’t a wrong turn at all. No worries. So, you do what any responsible adult would do. You snag a perfectly round one by leaning over a fence. Mmm…so worth it. No guilt whatsoever.

About the Village

Over a bridge and down a bumpy road lies Nong Kali Village. Soun-Ton and his wife Meg are the village chiefs to nine JCFC member families and if you frequent their home enough times, you may be privileged to try some of their traditional Lao delicacies. Beware: Soun-Ton is a bear hugger of a man and Meg is likely to slap a kiss or two on your cheeks.



The Jhai Coffee Farmer's Cooperative (JCFC) is an organically assembled group of 298 families, in 18 different villages, from 4 different ethnic groups, (Jeru, Lao, Bo, & Khmu), working together to produce some of the finest specialty coffee in all of South East Asia and certainly the most delicious coffee of Laos.

The goal of the JCFC’s traceable and transparent payment system is to allow all members the ability to capture the full value of their exported green beans, which nearly triples farmer income when compared to the prevailing trade options.

In the 2016/17 season, farmer income increased by an average of 270%. For Seven Seas, the traceability and transparency program has allowed a deeper and more meaningful relationship between coffee producers and you guys, the coffee drinkers.

No B.S. or Scuttlebutt