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A monster truck wrapped in a human body, Carina "Quadzilla" David has been known to smash pumpkins with her crushing quads and break records like we mortals do peanut shells.

True story. She recently broke the world record by benching 341 lbs.....


We just stand by with a trusty supply of caffeine.

Two years ago she lost her father and found herself looking in the mirror. An autoimmune deficiency made every day a battle and this defining moment was the catalyst to make a change.

So she set out on a mission to become a competitive powerlifter and the best single mother to her beautiful young boy.

Fueled to win and push the bounds in all things powerlifting, motherhood, and health. Quadzilla is a force to be reckoned with. How does she keep going? She, of course, starts her morning with a heavy dose of Seven Seas Roasting Co.

We're honored to have her join our 7 Seas Ambassador Team.

Join us and raise your mug high.

Instagram: @quadzilla619

Caffeinate. Crush it. Repeat.

Just coffee, we promise.