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The doctors told him he wouldn’t be able to walk. His wrists, femur, and hips failed him time after time. And when osteoarthritis reared its ugly head again, Nonny re-appeared with a full titanium hip replacement, partial femur replacement, and reconstructive surgery on both wrists.

Now, he’s the true bionic man. 6’1” and 224 lbs of solid metal...with the mental focus of a ninja.

But don’t let this brief summary give you the idea that his strength comes from the hoo-ra Rambo nonsense of the 80’s. Nonny continues to push the limits of what the body can do while tuning into the power of the mind. Like yoda...just ten times the size.

It’s the art of the pivot. He says,“I do listen to my body and know how far I can push myself.” He adds, “I look at my arthritis as just another obstacle in life that I need to overcome.”

This is strength redefined.

The power of the mind.

Rising above the pain.

No distraction.

No drama.

When he couldn’t run, he would surf. When triathlon hurt too much, calisthenics.. And when his joints failed him yet again, he joined the Arthritis National Research Foundation.

His voice now empowers others to keep moving...even if it means taking a pivot.

Please join us and welcome him to the 7SRC team.

Instagram: @davidnonnynonemacher

Just coffee, we promise.