5 ways to support your local coffee roaster during the Covid-19 outbreak

March 16, 2020 2 min read

San Diego specialty coffee roaster cafe in a sunny day

With the ever-growing stress that the current pandemic is causing its easy to forget about the local small businesses that the community relies on and the impact that the current social state can have on these businesses. We know that there are many considerate customers out there that would love to know more on how to support these businesses and what steps they can take to ensure their favorite shops can survive the current economic climate. Coffee roasters are specifically hit because of the limited ways to have direct customer sales. Many cafes have had to close their doors or limit hours and farmers markets are temporarily closed. We have created these easy 5 steps to support your local coffee roaster:

1.Switch to buying online

You can still get your coffee fix by purchasing bags online and brewing your own coffee at home. Many roasters sell other merch like tshirts and kcups.

2.Don’t use cash

If you still go into a store please do not use cash. Cash is transferred through many people and can carry a variety of germs. Most shops will accept credit/debit cards and apple pay.

3.Tell a friend

Continue to support small businesses by spreading awareness! Tell your friends about your favorite spot or leave a review on their channels whether It be ON Google, Yelp or Facebook. Make plans to go there once the craziness is over. Follow them on social media and share their posts. Don’t stop talking about them.

4.Buy gift cards

This is another great way to ensure your local businesses are obtaining revenue this month and you get to treat yourself at a later time! You can also use gift cards as gifts for family and friends.

5.Focus on your own health

Make sure to wash your hands and practice social distancing. This means staying over 3 feet away from each other (preferably 6+ feet.) Stay home if you or someone you’ve been in contact with starts to feel ill. Don’t be afraid to warn those around you or get tested.


The sooner we can get through this crisis the sooner we can get back to our daily routine. Everyone, Please stay safe out there. We are hoping for the best possible outcome! 

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