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What does it take to make a great cup of coffee? Great beans. A great roast. And a great home- brew method .  We’ve done the first two parts. Now, it’s up to you for the rest.

These brew methods which we graciously impart on thee -- when paired with our delicious coffees -- will 100% guaranteed to impress your partner when you make them breakfast in bed. (Note to self...do this more often.)

So, let’s get started…

You ready?

Before we dive into each method, consider...

Brew Ratio

The important thing to understand about pour-over style coffee is how the water-to-coffee brew ratios work.

1:15 means multiply the weight of coffee times fifteen.  For example, if we say use 22 grams of coffee, you would then use 330ml of water. Here 1g = 1ml.

22 grams X 15 = 330ml

This means that 22g of coffee grounds will be brew 330g of total coffee.


Water is life. So, use high-quality filtered water when brewing coffee. Just make sure the water still has minerals in it. Some RO filters, for instance, take out all the minerals in the water. Not good. The minerals pull the coffee flavors out so they can dance on your taste buds.


A trusty ceramic burr grinder will deliver a consistent grind. Keyword here: consistent.


You know that scale you used to measure a certain sale of something which paid your way through college? (no judgment here...) You’ll need one of those for coffee too.

Tools Needed:

  • Seven Seas Roasting Co. Coffee
  • Ceramic Burr Grinder
  • Scale
  • Filtered Water
  • Brew Method

Extra: the no talk make coffee zombie walk we experience after our alarms go off.

Just coffee, we promise.