Ceramic V60

Elevate Your Coffee Ritual with Masterful Craftsmanship!

We are thrilled to present our new Ceramic V60s, a result of our collaboration with the renowned artisans at Cone9 in Thailand. These expertly crafted V60s are designed to transform your coffee brewing experience, making them an essential addition to your coffee gear collection.

Each Ceramic V60 is meticulously handcrafted by the skilled artisans at Cone9, reflecting their dedication to quality and perfection. Made from premium black clay, these V60s not only offer a stunning aesthetic but also provide excellent heat retention, ensuring optimal brewing conditions for your pour-over coffee.

Key Features:

  • Artisan Craftsmanship: 100% handmade by the skilled artisans at Cone9 in Thailand, showcasing their commitment to quality and precision.
  • Premium Black Clay: Made from high-quality black clay, our Ceramic V60s offer exceptional heat retention and durability.
  • Pour-Over Perfection: The expertly designed V60 is ideal for pour-over coffee, allowing you to extract the best flavors and aromas from your coffee beans.
  • Stunning Design: The sleek and elegant design of our Ceramic V60s adds a touch of sophistication to your coffee brewing experience.
  • Unique Collaboration: Proudly created in partnership with Cone9, a renowned ceramics studio in Thailand, our Ceramic V60s represent the fusion of exceptional craftsmanship and coffee expertise.

Upgrade your coffee brewing experience with the exquisite Ceramic V60s, and enjoy the perfect pour-over coffee every time. Order yours today and embrace the art of masterful coffee brewing!

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