Colombia: Luna Bermudez Geisha

specialty coffee mountain with arrow pointing half way up the mountain

ROAST: Light             ALTITUDE:1930 Meters 

Variety: Geisha

Flavor Notes: Blueberry Pop-tart, Floral, Lavender.


This incredible coffee from Diego Bermudez is pushing the boundaries of how the specialty industry defines coffee processing and is achieving incredibly nuanced sweetness in some of the most incredible coffees we have ever experienced. Discussions around oxidation, changes in fermentation stages, and more helped shape this coffee.

The Geisha varieties that have adapted to the Cauca region are characterized by their delicate, citric, aromatic, very fruity, and winey profile when fermented in cherry. This is due to the climatic conditions, altitude, terroir, and intense rains throughout the year, which allow the development of a brilliant profile that highlights the quality of this variety.

The process begins with the harvest of overripe grape-like coffee cherries. Due to their longer contact time with the coffee seeds, they manage to impregnate more fruit flavors from the pulp. The cherries then undergo a short fermentation of 12 hours, after which they are de-pulped and liquid pulp extract is added. This is followed by a liquid fermentation for 48 hours.

The coffee is then dried in a dehumidifier to remove humidity, which preserves the soft notes of the coffee and avoids over-oxidation of the coffee seed. This also stops the metabolic processes to prevent over fermentation

We are very excited to share this special coffee with you. 

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