Tolima, Colombia: Marta Rubi

specialty coffee mountain with arrow pointing half way up the mountain

ROASTMedium              ALTITUDE:1500 Meters 

Flavor Notes: Green Apple, Honey & Grape.

Process: Anaerobic Natural

Variety: Red Borbon

Experience the Sweet and Jucy flavor of this red bourbon varietal coffee, grown with care and attention to detail by the Bayter family at El Vergel Estate in Tolima, Colombia. This coffee is dedicated to Marta, the mother of Shady and Elias Bayter, who has created a project that employs local women to harvest and sort this coffee, providing them with a valuable source of income to support their families.

But the care and dedication to quality doesn't stop there. The cherries for this coffee are carefully selected at peak ripeness and then fermented in an anaerobic environment for 60 hours before being sun-dried for a full 24 days. The coffee is then stored in grain pro bags for two months to ensure its freshness and quality before being roasted to perfection by us.

Not only does this coffee taste great, but it also supports a valuable community project and helps to provide for families in need. Savor every sip of this super juicy coffee, knowing that it was crafted with care and consideration for every step of the process, and dedicated to the remarkable Marta by her loving sons, Shady and Elias.


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