Spike's Roast

A specialty-grade dark roasted coffee where 100% of the profits support our U.S. K9s.

Process: Washed
Flavor Profile: Milk Chocolate, caramel, nouget, sweet berry
Roast Profile: Medium-Dark
Attitude: Get the job done right

If we had it our way, dogs would live forever and our alarm clocks would be doggie slobber kisses. Dogs rule — now, that’s a scientific fact.

But every day, K9s wake up eager to save the life of their partner, even if that means taking a bullet.

So, let’s save a dog’s life, shall we?

Introducing Spike’s Roast: a dark and fiery roast that packs the power of a K9’s bite.

We’ve partnered with Spike’s K9 Fund to donate custom-fit ballistics vests to protect our canine companions when they go after the bad guys. And we’re giving all of the profits of this special roast to make it happen. Yes, 100%. Because life’s too short to figure it out on a spreadsheet and saving a dog’s life matters.

Navy SEAL James Hatch created Spike’s K9 Fund after his life was spared when a K9 sacrificed his own. Spike’s K9 Fund donates custom vests to really protect active-duty K9s.  Older vests did little to protect and often stifled a dog’s mobility, so James and his crew work together to donate custom vests for each dog they suit up. Pretty badass, right?

K9s have become an integral part of the SWAT team. And they never ask for a raise. So, for every $2,500 raised by Seven Seas Roasting Co., a K9 will receive a custom fit K9 Storm Vest. Sleek. Powerful. Protected. Like Rambo.

Join in and sponsor a dog with us.

"Thank you to all who bought Spike's Roast and helped support our working dogs." - U.S. Navy SEAL, James Hatch

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