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They call him Teddy Bear, but we don’t suggest you ask him for a snuggle. Bearded. Chiseled. And with that crazed Berserker look in his eye, Glenn Sparv is the last person you’d want to piss off. A true Finnish Viking, he is, however, the first person you’d expect to explore and conquer.

There’s nothing simple about MMA fighting, he tells us. Unless you want to lose that is, he adds. "Training is hard. Self-Promotion is hard. Stepping into the cage is hard. Making weight is hard. If you want to win, everything is hard.” Glenn’s goal is to be the best he can possibly be. And then some. So it’s no wonder then why Glenn is terrorizing the MMA circuit in Asia.

Before headlining a tournament in Taiwan, he said, “I was not given the opportunity, I worked for it,” he says. And we couldn’t agree more.

Rising every morning to be his best, we’ll be right there with him to fuel his mornings.

Caffeinate. Train. Conquer. Repeat.


  • 2014 Muchzima MMA Cage Wars Middleweight Champion. Pattaya, Phuket
  • 2014 Cage Finland Welterweight Champion. Vantaa, Finland
  • 2014 Ranked nr. 1 WW. in Finland (fightsport.fi). Ranked nr. 1 in South East Asia tapology.com
  • 2015 K-OZ Bragging Rights Welterweight Champion. Perth, Australia
  • 2016 Reign in Power Middleweight Champion. Kunming China
  • 2017 Ranked nr. 1 Middleweight in South East Asia by tapology.com
  • 2018 AFC Middleweight Champion. Melbourne, Australia

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