Austin Naylor

Austin Naylor

When a motocross accident broke both of Austin’s ankles, he laid in bed for five months before he would stand once again. What do you do when a freak accident completely alters your plan for life? Eat like crap, smoke a pack of cigarettes, then take a look in the mirror.

Austin ballooned to the heaviest he’d ever been before a picture of him shirtless got him back into the gym.

A shift in mindset, a healthy diet, and hours of dedicated weight-training later and Austin would become chiseled like a Roman statue. So much so that Michelangelo himself rose from his grave to awe at this masterpiece.

Bodybuilder and Seven Seas Roasting Co. ambassador, Austin reminds us that with die-hard determination and a rock-solid mental game, you can build yourself up to be anything you want to be -- literally -- regardless of what life throws your way. You just need to get your ass in the gym and show up.

Caffeinate. Train. Conquer. Repeat.

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