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Brew Like This If...

a.) you like thick and juicy-bodied coffees
b.) you swiped right and want to make a good first impression
c.) you want to taste the subtle notes of single-origin coffees

Brew Time: 3 min
Brew ratio: 1:16
Grind size: Kosher salt

What You Need
V60 w/ filter
25 grams of whole beans
400 grams of filtered water ~205°
Burr grinder
Gooseneck kettle
7SRC Mug

Step 1: Bloom (0 - :30 seconds)

Start your timer and slowly pour from the outside (not touching the paper) in a circular motion finishing in the middle.

Let it sit until your timer reads 15 seconds.

Step 2: Brew ( :30- 3:00)

Begin pouring again slowly from the middle, in a circular motion, moving outwards in ~100-gram increments.

Repeat this 2-3 times, up to 400 grams. 

Step 3:  Drink Up

Serve in a classic 7SRC Explorer Mug (now included free in an Explorer Kit). 

Just coffee, we promise.