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You need an extra kick-in-the-ass of caffeine in the morning. The longer the coffee brews the stronger it tastes and the more punch you get.


  • Prep Time: 3 min
  • Brew Time: 4 min
  • Cups: 2 mugs or 4 cups
  • Brew ratio: 1:17
  • In your mouth: Heavy body
  • Grind size: Coarse like breadcrumbs


  • Medium Bodum French Press
  • 1000g of 205F degree water
  • 56g of coffee
  • Burr grinder
  • Kettle
  • Timer


  • Use a brew ratio of coffee to water that is 1:17.
  • Grind 56g of coffee to the size of bread crumbs.
  • Heat up french press and plunger with hot boiling water.
  • Discard water.


  • Pour ground coffee into the French press.
  • Start timer.
  • Fill it up halfway ensuring that all the coffee grounds are wet and there are no dry spots.
  • At one minute in, stir the coffee with a wooden spoon or chopstick.
  • Fill it all the way to the top with water, right below where the glass spout begins.
  • Put the plunger / lid on top to enclose the heat.
  • At three and half minutes begin slowly pushing down so that you finish at four minutes.
  • The faster you plunge the more bitter your coffee will be.
  • Serve and sip!

Just coffee, we promise.