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Warning: the Seven Seas Roasting Co. ambassador you are about to read about has been known to cause a rapid increase in heart-rate and an uncontrollable urge to quit your 9-5. Read on responsibly.

Motocross legend and entrepreneur. Ami Houde loves to push boundaries, especially if you tell her what a woman is supposed to do. She now smashes stereotypes for a living, drives the notorious Zombie monster truck, and co-hosts the world’s largest action motorsports radio show, “The Down & Dirty Radio Show”.

Bullies Beware: As a self-proclaimed tomboy, Ami was tormented by bullies in school: “I was that little girl that didn't fit in back in the day who was bullied and written off from the other girls,” she says. But bullies couldn’t crush her ambition. She now runs a social media empire that empowers girls everywhere to “build a strong foundation from the bricks others have thrown.” And since racing motocross at the age of three, she’s built an epic castle.

Ami’s story is the stuff of legends, but that didn’t come without a lot of coffee and diehard discipline. She trains six days a week while on the road with her racing team, and sees failure as a mandatory habit. She tells us, “allow failure to fuel your fire to succeed and learn from each and every mistake along the way. Most importantly, the key to walking from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm is to always have an optimistic view on life!” And we couldn’t agree more.

So if you find yourself questioning your 9-5, we get it. Life’s too short to sit all day in front of a spreadsheet. So take a note from Ami...drink your weight in coffee, break something, and change the world while doing it.

Caffeinate. Train. Conquer. Repeat.

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